MyShowroom Privacy Policy And Data Collected

Updated date: 3rd January, 2022

Welcome to MyShowroom, a location-based products and services visibility platform with messaging capability designed to give any products the desired visibility it requires to reach the closest audience online. The MyShowroom platform, its related services, website and the mobile application, will collectively be referred to as the “App”. Your access and use of the App is made through a smartphone device (the “Device”).

Boombiz Limited (“we”, “our”, “us”) own and operate the App’s technology known as the “Service”.

By using the App, you may access, view and post content in various forms, such as textual, visual, audio or any combination thereof (collectively, the “Content”).

At MyShowroom, Your privacy is our utmost concern. This privacy policy (the “Policy”) explains our privacy practices for the App, including the ways your personal information is collected and used by us.

The personal information you provide (as described below) depends on your volition and consent. You are not legally obligated to provide or give access to this information, but we do require it to let you use the App.

This policy is incorporated by reference to the App's Terms of Use (the “Terms”) and constitutes an integral part of them.